Want to buy a home in Miami Florida?

How about getting an intra-family mortgage?

Intra-family mortgage: Step 1

What is an Intra-Family Mortgage?

Miami Intra-Family MortgageAn intra-family mortgage is a private loan you can get from a family member like your parents, brothers, sisters, or any other person within the family that is credible by Real Estate to buy a home or to help you refinance an existing bank mortgage.

When planned correctly, it can be economically advantageous for the parties involved in.

The most commonly way used to set up a private mortgage is by arranging the entire transaction like a fixed bank mortgage.

You will be setting up the loan with formal authorized documents for both the borrower and the lender.

The pleasure of getting private lending is the suppleness of the terms and conditions. The borrower and lender should get full benefit of the litheness of a private mortgage by selecting an interest rate and a repayment plan that meet their exclusive needs. In the case of intra-family mortgage, the interest rate and the repayment arrangement are typically selected to offer the borrower a better and smoothly transaction than the one he may find at a bank.

Borrowing money from Mom and Dad to buy a home in South Florida is the best Real Estate transaction you will ever make.

Intra-family mortgage: Step 2

Terms and Payment Schedules to set up a private mortgage

The total amount of money that is to be borrowed must be specified as well as the exact date the mortgage will start to be reimbursed. Classically banks set this date no earlier than 30 days from the loan closing to let some time to formalities and paperwork to process. You may want to do things in the same direction banks do in that regard. The loan conformity should undoubtedly state the interest rate to be charged whether it is multiple ( compound ) or simple interest. Lender and borrower must choose a rate by taking into account that it is a transfer of private money for a mortgage loan not a family gift. The interest rate must be equal or not lower than the smallest rate required by the Federal Government known as “Applicable Federal Rate” ( AFR ). If you charge less, the IRS will inspect the missed interest income as a gift from the lender not a mortgage loan.

Intra-family mortgage: Step 3

Repayment schedules for your Intra-family mortgage loan

When repaying an Intra-family mortgage loan you may consider different ways to start making the payments. A traditional mortgage from a bank usually consists of two parts known as Principal Plus Interest where you have to pay the interest of what you owe and the principal loan amount. Intra-family loans work different since you can handle how fast you will pay the two amounts by opting for an amortized payment, graduated or seasonal payments. If you opt for amortized payments you will have to pay monthly, quarterly or annually the same amount during the life of the mortgage loan. If you opt for graduated payments, you will begin paying low amounts that will be increasing little by little during the life of the loan. And, if you choose a seasonal payment, you will pay the interest and the principal loan in different amounts during the course of the year. There are months in which you will handle lower amounts that can be higher in other months. Seasonal payments are frequently chosen by borrowers who have different incomes during the course of the year.

Intra-family mortgage: Step 4

Late payments and default when unexpected events occur

An Intra-family mortgage loan gives both the borrower and lender the opportunity of handling any unexpected event that may cause a delay on the mortgage repayment by getting it in writing from the beginning or making changes as soon as the problems arise. Late payments are often established by a number of days called “grace period” and from that day on, a late fee will become due.
In the case of default, family lenders can restructure the loan terms by forgiving the missed amount and state it as a gift. However, the borrower must keep in mind that if he or she exceeds $11,000 in forgiven payments during the course of a year, he/she will also be exceeding the gift tax exclusion for the year according to IRS regulations.  
The lender may agree in letting the borrower omit a payment and make it double the next month or skip payments for a certain number of months or until the borrower can start repaying the mortgage according to his/her income situation.

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